Ultra Cat Long Sleeves Soft Kids Animal Hand Puppet - 9 Inch Peach. 460 199. This adorable animal soft toy has probably already blown your mind away! Buy cute Ultra Cat Long Sle..... Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. 50% OFF. ×.. Since 1992, JumpNPuddles has carried only the finest selection of Professional Puppets. Our inventory of over 5,000 puppets includes large and small puppets for kids, full body puppets, half body puppets, finger puppets, Biblical/ministry puppets, blacklight puppets, puppet kits, Object Lessons and Marionette puppets, Muppets Puppets, Sesame Street Puppets, as well as puppet music and accessories. To play with your puppet, just put your hand in the bottom of the sock. You can manipulate the head by just moving your hand in different directions. Easy to Make Boy and Girl Sock Puppets. This is a great craft for little kids to make. Preschoolers and toddlers will love playing with these sock puppets. "/>Hand puppets for toddlers